VicLabour is a youth branch of the New Zealand Labour Party for young activists (under the age of 26) in the Wellington Region and is part of the Labour Wellington LEC (Local Electorate Committee). It is also affiliated as a Victoria University club and all students and staff are encouraged to join.

VicLabour is committed to creating a fairer, more prosperous and just New Zealand. We are an amazing country, but with a fairer tax system and proper investment in education, health, decent jobs and employment rights, we can make it even better.

As a part of VicLabour you can get involved with protests, campaigning, policy development and discussion, and a bunch of community work. VicLabour is also a very social branch with most meetings ending in a dinner or drinks, with a regular attendance at Backbenches, and with movie nights and other fun things, especially around the university orientation weeks when we get an influx of new members.

Current Executive
(September 2013 to September 2014)

President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Our Constitution

Follow this link to view, download, and print the VicLabour constitution.


If your are interested in getting involved, have any questions or comments, or would otherwise like to reach us, please don’t hesitate to email

Canvassing for issues and support in Masterton

Going on a roadtrip

Heading out on a roadtrip

VicLabour protesting against the 2011 Budget

Some VicLabour members

A VicLabour meeting

Discussing policy and relaxing after a meeting