Day 1: The Adventure begins

18 Jan, 2013
Member Post
2013-01-18 09.35.49

We started out the Clarion tour in Auckland with seven keen Young Labour members. We worked with a group of 50 or 60 kids at a School Holiday program in Henderson, West Auckland. We had great fun playing soccer and even a break dancing 7 year old!

We had great fun dancing, singing and playing games with these awesome kids!

We had the kids form a giant YL for Young Labour!

2013-01-18 10.45.56 YL

We moved on to our next stop at Kaurilands Domain in Glen Eden. We met with Tony and Wiremu from Glen Eden Twin Streams. We talked about why we we’re members of The Labour party. We then got into work removing weeds that damage and kill native trees. It was really interesting learning about the local environment and wildlife.

2013-01-18 12.03.59

We inexperienced Young Labour members found it difficult at times to find the weeds and not to pull out any native plants! Some natives look a lot like weeds!

We were amazed at how passionate and knowledgeable Tony and Wiremu are about the environment. We loved getting the opportunity to help this wonderful community project!

By Richard Dent (a 15 year-old Young Labour West member)



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